Pictures from the MMAA Membership in February 2016.

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Step 1: Join or renew your membership by completing our online registration process.  Begin by clicking on the sign-up button below for Active or Associate Membership.

Step 2: Pay your $40 membership dues (Active Members only) through PayPal using the link below.  You may also pay your membership dues by check.  Please send your membership check to the Minnesota Mother Attorneys Association, c/o Heather Kliebenstein, Merchant & Gould P.C., 3200 IDS Center, 80 South Eighth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

Active Membership
Active membership is open to those duly admitted to practice law in Minnesota or another state and not suspended or disbarred from a bar association.
Associate membership
Associate membership is open to law students and law graduates who are not eligible for active membership.

Benefits of Membership:

The MMAA is a group where mother attorneys come together to build relationships, and to share resources, information and successes with a common purpose of promoting professional excellence. As a member of MMAA you can enjoy kid-friendly networking events, CLEs, and other great opportunities to network with fellow mother attorneys. The programs are scheduled at times that are most likely to work for moms, and targeted at content that is relevant to our profession and, sometimes, specific to mother attorneys. Members often receive a discounted cost to attend events, and coming later in 2016, they will be able to access an online directory of MMAA members for further networking and relationship-building opportunities.