The Minnesota Mother Attorneys Association is an organization whose mission is to promote the professional development of mother attorneys by capitalizing on the special opportunities and skills that arise from motherhood to drive career excellence.





Successful professional mothers must be masters at balancing demands and appropriately identifying their priorities.  Professional mothers hone their skills carefully and establish unique tactics and creative solutions to achieve their success.

The MMAA is a group where mother attorneys come together to build relationships, and to share resources, information and successes with a common purpose of promoting professional excellence.  While the demands of family, work and life might be perceived as limiting your ability to develop relationships and trade success stories, it should not prevent you from developing great relationships and resources amongst women who are particularly suited to contribute to your professional development and success.

We are forming MMAA to address the high rates of mother attorneys leaving the legal profession.  Mother attorneys are underrepresented in the highest positions within the legal profession.  High achieving women attorneys end up opting out of the partnership track, delaying promotions, or leaving the profession altogether as they become mothers. MMAA’s efforts will contribute to re-imagining what career success looks like to prevent the loss of talent, diversity, and perspective that mother attorneys bring to the profession.

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MMAA provides a forum to obtain specifically targeted information and to develop relationships with other professional mother attorneys.  The programs are scheduled at times that are most likely to work for moms, and targeted at content that is relevant to our profession and, sometimes, specific to mother attorneys.

  • Annual event with featured guest: a professional networking event that provides perspectives on success and recognizes outstanding attorneys in the Minnesota legal community.
  • Networking events: an opportunity to connect with mother attorneys at events that may include children.
  • Lunchtime in-person and web-based CLEs.
  • Share knowledge as a tool for individual mother attorneys to use as they navigate their own professional development and seek career excellence.
  • Provide a forum to discuss professional development issues that mother attorneys face, including maternity leave, part-time/flex time, non-traditional work settings and arrangements, re-entering the workforce, achieving success in full-time work, time management, managing expectations of self and employer, and networking.